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Files and how to manage them

Managing revisions

You can use a separate file version matching functionality to upload tens of files as new versions. 
NB! You can use this functionality within one file folder per action. This means that all files you want to update have to be in the same file folder.

Open the file folder in which you have older versions, click on the upload icon and select "XXX". Choose new files from your computer and start uploading them.

From here, Bauhub has a built-in automatic filename recognition and matching system that assists you and tries to automatically identify which files match in the folder and in the patch being uploaded. The less filenames differ, the bigger is the probablity that they are matched as new-old versions of each other. You can see a green-yellow-red colorscheme hinting if they are a great match or not. Also, the number of how many letters are different in two filenames is brought out.

File pairs matched automatically are displayed in the upper section and lower section shows you files that Bauhub was not able to match. You can change all pairs and assign pairs manually as well.

Edit the file pair Bauhub matched
File placed lower in the pair is "the old version" that is already in your Bauhub folder. To change it, click on the file name and search for another file in the folder.

Find a match for a file that went unmatched
Files not matched have a button "Find earlier versions" which creates a field under the file and you can search for matching file from the folder.

What happens to new files that are not matched automatically or manually?
Files that are not matched in the process are uploaded as new files in the folder and they are assigned with a version number "1". This enables to upload patches of files that contain totally new files and files that are meant as revisions. 


Documents and forms

Using file approval

Signing files digitally