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Files and how to manage them

Managing revisions


Documents and forms

Using file approval

First, you can only start approving when it is your turn and you are notified of that with an e-mail and with in-app notifications. Also, you can see the number of approvals waiting for your response from the sidebar menu item "Approvals" with a small green number. 

Open "Approvals" from the menu. All approvals waiting for your response are displayed at the top of the list of approvals and you can see the button "Start approval" that takes you the list of files in the approval.

Clicking on the filename opens the preview of the file and you can approve or decline the file with buttons located at the bottom of the view. To add further comments, click on the comment icon located next to the file name in the file list. You can close the preview from the X-icon and return to the initial file list from where you can also accept-decline the file and work with the comments.

Having approved/declined the last file in the list, you are asked if you'd like to finish your approval process and hand it over to the next approver. You can discard it and finish your process later on manually from the file list view.

Signing files digitally