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Bauhub was born on a construction site

We are pushing ourselves every day to find even further possibilities that could improve, speed up and make on-site communication even more transparent.

Our biggest drive comes from those thousands of users who are running Bauhub on hundreds of construction sites all around the world.



30 000+


70 000+

Tasks created

1 500 000+

Digital documents

You can find the heart and roots of Bauhub in Tartu, Estonia where we have settled into a more than 100-year old town hall building.

We believe in creating an environment that feels just like your own mountain cabin or beach house.

Join our ranks

Building software for better communication and teamwork, we ourselves make sure that our team runs like a well-oiled machine.

Each and every Bauhub member is carefully cherry-picked and we are looking for like-minded fresh talents. Our ranks consist of philologists, chopper pilots, rally drivers, musicians and photographers. 

Full-stack developer


No position listed for you? Get in touch, perhaps you are the one we’re missing.