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Syncing files with Baudrive

Baudrive is exceptionally useful for users who have to view-edit-upload several files every day. 

Use files without manually downloading them
Baudrive enables you to access — open, view and edit — your files without manually downloading them from your Bauhub project. This saves you precious time and you can stop wondering if you already have the latest file downloaded on your hard drive.

Upload files from Baudrive
When you edit (open a file and save a new version of it) files in your synced folders, then they are automatically uploaded to Bauhub and you do not have to manually upload them from Bauhub web interface. The same goes when uploading new files or creating new folders.

Use files when offline
Baudrive enables you to force download files onto your hard drive and that way you can work with your files even if you don't have internet connection all the time. And if you get back online, all changes within your project are synced again.