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Syncing files with Baudrive

You can open your Baudrive window by clicking on the icon in the taskbar.

In the middle of it, you can see files that are currently synchronizing or have been lately synchronized.

You can see your user e-mail address in the upper right corner. Clicking on your first name initial shows Baudrive users for your computer and you can add further users as well. Clicking on the vertical ellipsis at the end of the user row displays a dropdown menu with the following options:
* log out — ends user's active session;
* clear cache — removes previous file related settings;
* remove account — ends user's active session and removes files from Baudrive disk on the computer.

Baudrive window lower menu has the following options:
* question mark icon — opens Bauhub support page;
* bell icon – opens notifications panel
* "Manage folders" — opens folder selection options;
* "Projects" — opens Baudrive disk on your computer.