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Creating contract

Open "Acts and contracts" from the main menu and you will see the full list of user groups. User groups that have been assigned with "Client" or "Subcontractor" type have a button "Contract" shown. Click on it to start filling out contract details.

First, you can upload or add any type of contract files that can easily be accessed by user group members. If needed, you can also digitally sign files here. 

Next, you can add contact information about key personnel, contract number and contracting categories (e.g. lighting works, concrete pouring etc.)

Next, you can add the information about companies entering into contract. These details are used for progress reports as well.

For creating progress reports, you'd have to enter all works to be reported over here. More detailed information on how to enter works can be found over here

Lastly, you can fill out contract information regarding deadlines and guarantee period.

Progress report