Revamped Bauhub has finally arrived and it's better than ever before.

Moving towards a more modern, clean and friendly design, we've re-invented our user interface while preserving your favourite functionalities.

You can log into Bauhub and explore everything on your own. But here's a little summary of what's new and hot.

Our fresh design

Bauhub’s new look is based on simplicity — a calm colour palette and whitespace make it easier for tired eyes to grasp information. Features and details that were previously rather hidden are now much more prominent, to make sure that our application is easier to grasp for not that well experienced users.

Updated project menu

Ou project menu is re-ordered and expanded to bring better focus on the most important functionalities. User groups are now split from progress reports & contracts and you can find both of them as separate menu items. Additonally — we moved shareboxes and approvals to the side menu next to everything else.

Redesigned functionalities

Several functionalites have seen smaller or bigger changes, most notably:
  • approve files within the fileviewer and change, add files in the process;
  • redesigned file folders and action menus;
  • smoother task management with updated task-view.
And we continue to roll out even more updates in the upcoming weeks and months.


You can now sync all your Bauhub plans and documents to your local computer. No more manual downloading or version controlling and you can work with your files the way you are used to. Open Baudrive from the project menu and start your Baudrive journey already today.

Baudrive is a part of Bauhub Pro plan. Detailed overview of Baudrive can be found in our earlier blogpost.

Bauhub Pro and Bauhub Light

Starting today, you can select between two pricing plans: Bauhub Pro or Bauhub Light.

Bauhub Pro plan includes every functionality we already have, totally unlimited and is backed with priority & phone support. And to top it off, it gives you Baudrive as well. Bauhub Light is pretty amazing on its own, but has some limitations on checklists, archiving and pre-settings.

We hope that redesigned Bauhub imporves your experience with us. You can find updated support articles from our support page and feel free to reach us at