Thank you for being with us! Our first 7 years have given us more than 20,000 users and over 6,500 projects managed in Bauhub. And we are just getting started! 

Bauhub gets a total revamp with updated functionalities on the 1st of March 2023! 

We are also updating our pricing and you can select between two pricing plans:
Bauhub Pro — all functionalities unlimited and our brand new file sync app Baudrive!
Bauhub Light — most functionalites unlimited.

New pricing and plans — but why?

Bauhub as product has evolved
Our pricing has been the same from the very beginning. No changes. On the other hand, over the past 7 years we have constantly updated Bauhub and added several new functionalities.

Notoriusly rising prices
Bauhub as a software consists of many smaller components and pretty much each and every one of them has become more expensive over the last years. 

More options for everyone
Our two new plans offer more flexibility in terms of finding a better fit for companies of different size and needs.

More detailed information on why we are rolling out new plans can be found from the following post:

About Pro and Light plans

Bauhub Pro
Bauhub Pro plan includes every functionality we already have, totally unlimited. And additionally
  • Baudrive application for syncing files between Bauhub and your computer;
  • APIs and custom integrations;
  • priority & phone support;
  • pre-settings for new projects;
  • unlimited archiving period.
Bauhub Light
Bauhub Light plan comes fully loaded and is pretty amazing. But there are some limitations:
  • only 2 custom checklists;
  • only 2-year archiving period;
  • only e-maili support;
  • does not include: Baudrive, pre-settings for new projects*, custom documents, APIs and custom integrations.
* Previously used pre-settings are paused when using Light plan.

More detailed information about the plans can be found from the following post: 

Pricing levels 

Bauhub new pricing follows our current volume-based rules and the excact monthly or annual payment depends on the number of projects on your account.

Bauhub Pro: (monthly/annual per project*)
1 project: 150€ / 1500€
2-5 projects: 120€ / 1200€
6-30 projects: 110€ / 1100€
30+ projects: 90€ / 900€

Bauhub Light: (monthly/annual per project*)
1 project: 125€ / 1250€
2-5 projects: 100€ / 1000€
6-30 projects: 90€ / 900€
30+ projects: 75€ / 750€

* +VAT if applicable.

More detailed information about pricing rules and settings can be found from the following post:

For any further information about the upcoming changes feel free to reach us at

All companies who have not marked their preferred new pricing plan by the 1st of March are moved to Bauhub Light plan by default.