Bauhub has made a significant advancement in construction project management by enabling the viewing and use of model files directly within the Bauhub environment. This update simplifies and enhances the efficiency of working with models for builders, clients, and all project stakeholders. The new 3D viewer allows users to interact with IFC files without leaving Bauhub, including measuring, making cuts, and accessing detailed construction information, both on mobile and desktop.

Why is this Important?

3D IFC files are widely used in the construction sector, but viewing them has often been complicated, requiring various licenses and software solutions. The Bauhub update removes the need for repeated file duplication and separate software, enabling direct viewing of models in Bauhub. Submodels can be stored in a separate 3D folder, allowing for the viewing of the combined model anytime and anywhere.

All You Need in One Place

The use of BIM models in construction has grown rapidly, offering various solutions for easing work. Our goal with the Bauhub model viewer is to provide quick and easy access to models already stored in Bauhub, particularly beneficial in situations where quick and easy access to model information is needed.

Advantages of Bauhub Model Viewer

  • Easy Access: IFC models can now be opened directly in Bauhub.
  • User-Friendly: Intuitive and fast user experience without the need for additional software and licenses.
  • Efficient Collaboration: The model viewer facilitates collaboration, reducing confusion and improving communication.
  • Practicality: 3D model files can be easily managed through our Baudrive file synchronization application.

Development Process of the Model Viewer

The idea for the model viewer came from practical needs. Bauhub is developed considering the needs of the Estonian construction market, and we have constant communication with main contractors and other stakeholders. The development process included extensive market research, feedback collection, and detailed interviews. We visited construction sites, sat in trailers, and observed how 3D models are used in modern construction sites today. I thank everyone who took the time to delve into the topic with us and help create a better tool.

Future Plans

If reading this has inspired you to give us feedback or share your experience, please do contact us. The work on improving our model viewer continues. The deployment of the new model viewer is just the beginning. We continue to work on its refinement and expansion to make it a common tool on construction sites. The 3D model is an excellent assistant and should be accessible to everyone. In the future, we plan to integrate the model viewer with other parts of Bauhub, such as location-based documentation and task management.

Invitation to all Users

We encourage all Bauhub users to try our new model viewer and share their feedback. We aim to make the most useful tool possible for as many users as we can.

If your project has a 3D model
, by moving submodel files to the 3D folder, you can provide model access to desired parties. Guides and useful information are available on our website at