Drawing management

With unlimited storage, Bauhub’s flexible drawing management is more than meets the eye. Upload drawings one by one or import your project with one click. All PDF-files are opened directly in Bauhub to make sure you can work from any device.

Our revision management system makes sure the latest drawings are always within reach but one can easily review older versions as well. Now you can make sure everyone has the latest version at their fingertips.

Add other parties to your project or share single files with Bauhub sharebox .


Document management

Bauhub document management offers the same flexibility as the drawing management but adds even further functionalities to it — creating and signing documents.

Most common constructional documents are already waiting for you in Bauhub. Built as interactive webforms, you can easily fill them from any device and use all the info — drawings, docs, etc — you’ve already added to Bauhub. Need something more? We’re happy to bring your company’s personal documents into Bauhub as well.



Every type of communication — tasks, issues, questions, RFIs — can be managed through flexible workboards making sure nothing gets unnoticed and project is delivered on time.

Each task can be assigned to other Bauhub users, making sure everyone is looped in. Add attachments, files from your project, pictures, comments and use PDF-annotations to link a certain drawing and location at your site.

Also, workboards and tasks are linked to documents, so you can convert issues added to your daily reports directly into tasks.


Collaboration tool

Bauhub really lights up when used for collaboration. All the info — drawings, documents, tasks — mean nothing when used by only yourself.

Unlimited number of users makes sure you can run your project just like you need to. And to keep your info secure, you can easily choose which part of your project is accessed by each user and what are their rights within that information.

Both email and in-app notifications keep everyone posted about the latest changes and information. Bauhub daily email gives you a much needed preview of what is waiting you at the site.