Construction revisited

We can go oldschool. Like we’re used to.
Or start with a clean sheet, with Bauhub.


Drawing management

Just what you expect from it: unlimited file storage to manage your drawings. Import all your files with one-click ZIP-import or upload them as your project evolves. What is more — our revision management makes sure everyone is always working with up-to-date drawings.

Document management

Document management

Unlimited storage for documents to keep everything in one place. Flexible webforms for the most used constructional documents are integrated deeply into Bauhub so you can fill your documents on the fly. Created or uploaded documents can be digitally signed and sent to other users within your project.


Task management

Bring every piece of communication into the heart of your project. Issues, tasks, questions, RFIs — Bauhub Workboard is exactly what you need for communicating with your team and other workers on the site.



Built-in Bauhub PFD-viewer makes sure you can view your drawings on any device, any time you like. Bauhub PDF-annotations allow you to mark issues and comments directly onto your drawings to make sure every move on the site is properly linked. Tackle your tasks like never before.


Everyone together

Bring each and every project member together and share the information as you design. Handpick which parts of the project members can access and what are their rights within it. Automated in-app and e-mail notifications keep everyone up to date with the latest info.


Maintaining different services can be a real hassle and rather costly. Bring your information — drawings, documents, tasks — together and run your communication like never before.

WITH YOU, 24/7

Modern service with automated notifications make sure you’ll never miss a heartbeat. Bauhub is always with you, no matter where you go.


Bauhub is a vital tool for both your team and others working on the site as well. Collaboration with Bauhub makes your daily communication a lot easier than before.


Simple, intuitive user interface with an online support team makes sure your project gets delivered on time.


Automated notification, limitless file storage and flexible task management helps you focus on the work done on site.


Building a huge 30-story office building or renovating a small library — we’re happy to find the best solutions for your team and guide you through the process.